Start a BroadwayDemo Group!

Whenever 10 or more performers from any group sign up for annual membership, we create a page on BroadwayDemo for that group (in addition to each performer's individual page).  A group is any organization that has at least 10 performing members.  Examples of Groups include:

  • National Tour
  • Regional Production
  • College Theatre Department
  • Vocal Teacher's Studio

How to Create a BroadwayDemo Group
Add annual membership, or any recording package that includes membership, to your shopping cart.  During the checkout process, enter your group's name into the comment section of the purchase form.  We will keep track of the number of people from your group who purchase membership, and as soon as 10 members from your group sign up, we'll create your group's page!
Recording Packages
We offer several recording packages that include membershp and studio time.  When 10 or more members of your group purchase this package, we will make arrangments to travel to your location for a recording event! Below is a list of our recording packages:

Contact us for further details.